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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Dallas Christian website. As you prayerfully consider the best school for your child, we invite you to visit our school so we can share the exciting things God is doing on our campus. Dallas Christian has been partnering with families for over fifty years preparing students to be well-equipped for the best colleges and universities in our country. The profile of a Dallas Christian alumni is a person that is well-grounded in their relationship with Jesus, well-prepared to lead in today’s global market, and well-adjusted to lead their families.

These are exciting times for our students as they are preparing today to be tomorrow’s leaders. Never before, have students had so much access to so much information with so much ease. For the first time, Dallas Christian students are digital natives while we adults continue to immigrate to this digital environment that is, in some cases, fundamentally different than when we were students their ages. This has created an interesting dynamic between parents, teachers, and students when it comes to information and certain types of knowledge. For the first time, younger generations can “know” more than older generations. Recognizing this seismic, cultural shift, Dallas Christian is prepared to continue to create a learning environment that is relevant, rigorous, engaging, and student centered helping to equip our students to be well-prepared for the task of life-long learning and leading.

With this shift in mind, there remain some things that our students can only learn from adults. The Bible reminds us that when it comes to spiritual formation or “transformation,” children are dependent on the work of the Holy Spirit as well as spiritually mature adults to contribute to their development and growth. Central to the Dallas Christian philosophy of Christian education is the intentional focus on spiritual transformation. We recognize that the Bible and Dallas Christian parents have entrusted us with the honor of participating in the intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development of our students. As we partner with our families and their churches, we are creating a strong bond that is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

After much prayer and Bible study, we have decided that our annual theme for the 2013-2014 school year is “Going Deeper.” We selected this theme for a number of reasons:
  • xInspired by Luke 5:1-4, Jesus’ calling of his first disciples involves a very interesting miracle. Jesus sees Peter, James, and John wrapping up their unsuccessful day of fishing and invites them back into their boats. Jesus, using Peter’s boat as a platform to teach the crowds, concludes his teaching with an instruction to Peter: “Go out into the deep waters and put out your nets again.” It is at this point that Jesus performs a powerful miracle. Peter’s nets become so full they began to break. Peter even calls over James and John to help lift the catch! Upon experiencing Jesus in this way, the three men are immediately invited to leave their jobs as fishermen to become fishers of men.

    While this text is an example of Jesus' authority over nature, I see this miracle as a metaphor of what it means to “Go Deeper” for the sake of casting our own nets into deeper water. These waters are ways of calling us to go deeper in our goal to make Dallas Christian a place where a relationship with Jesus goes “deep”.

  • “Go Deeper” will challenge our current commitment of being a Kingdom Education School. If our focus this year is to specifically “Go Deeper” in our relationships with God and each other, wouldn’t our focus to become a more kingdom-focused school be sharpened? John Wesley once said, “Christianity is a social religion unable to be sustained without community.” This fits nicely with Jesus’ description of the greatest commandment: to love God and love our neighbors. And “deeper” water calls us to be more intentional in our relationships with God and one another as Kingdom people.

  • “Go Deeper” will challenge us to excel in our intellectual curiosity and to grow and develop in ways that stretch our own cognitive abilities. We are reminded in the Bible that in all things we should seek excellence because it pleases God. Wouldn’t this be the same with our academic rigor?

  • We are called to “Go Deeper” in our own Bible study and spiritual journey. On one level Jesus was demonstrating his power and authority for Peter, James, and John by causing the massive catch. On the other hand, it seems that Jesus, after teaching the crowd, wished to take his first disciples into “deeper” waters to show and explain to them the true meaning of the Kingdom of God. To be a follower of Jesus requires that we listen to Jesus’ command to venture out into such deep waters of relationships, personal Bible study, communal support, encouragement, and intellectual investigation. So if we are going to call our students to “deep water” we must first go there ourselves?

Dallas Christian's Mission Statement: Dallas Christian is a college preparatory school committed to Biblical values where students are prepared for Christ-centered lives of purpose, service and leadership.

Chris King

Chris King, Ph.D.
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