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Academic Services

Arrowsmith Program
The Arrowsmith Program identifies, intervenes and strengthens the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning. Students are able to capitalize on their increased learning capacities and after a three or four year program can function without special education assistance or program accommodations. Upon completion of the program some students may require one to two years to gain experience using their newly strengthened cognitive capacities and some students may need tutoring initially to bring academic skills to grade level given the limited amount of time within the program to address academic skill deficits. Dallas Christian is only one of two schools in Texas that provides the program. For more information about the Arrowsmith Program, go to

Learning Lab
“A School for the Whole Family,” is a mission of Dallas Christian. We strive to not only challenge our students academically but also provide accommodations to those who need extra support. Learning Lab is a program that provides the extra support in a positive environment. The resources provided in Learning Lab range from Language Therapy for dyslexia and reading difficulties in the Lower School to testing support and/or an elective class in Middle School and High School. The appropriate program is determined based on the child’s learning differences.

Requirements: Services at any level require documentation of a diagnosed learning difference and/or other health impairment. When pursuing an initial diagnosis in the area of a language learning difference such as dyslexia, testing through Scottish-Rite or a certified diagnostician is recommended.

Shared Services: Dallas Christian students, qualifying, can benefit from our shared-services agreement with Mesquite ISD. The MISD Student Services Center provides speech/language screening and diagnostic testing for students who meet referral criteria. Students whose testing indicates a learning difference may receive tutoring or speech therapy through MISD.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Webb, Director of Learning Initiatives