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DC 2020

The overarching goal of Dallas Christian School as it enters another 50 years of accredited Christian education is to be recognized as a college-preparatory school committed to biblical values where students are prepared for Christ-centered lives of purpose, service, and leadership.
Based on intentional strategic planning by the Dallas Christian School Board of Trustees and President Chris King, the “DC2020: Charging Forward” Strategic Plan identifies seven major pillars of organizational growth. Over time and with stakeholder collaboration, we will add supporting initiatives to each pillar which will promote: spiritual formation and 21st Century leadership preparation; relevant and rigorous academic experiences for our students; a continued commitment to fiscal planning and stability; a commitment to enabling a faculty culture of scholarship; student and parent engagement; and long-range vision casting.
We believe these pillars and the specific initiatives that will support them are worthy, and we are committed to their success. For more than five decades, DCS has engaged in producing well-equipped Christian leaders for college and career readiness. The profile of a DC graduate is a student that is: grounded in a biblical worldview; engaged on a faith journey that is Christ-centered; prepared for servant-leadership; imagining ways to impact the world for Jesus through interpersonal relationships, integrity, and character; and committed to lifelong learning and scholarly contribution.
While the strategic plan for DC has evolved over her five-decade history of serving families and educating students, there remains a confirmation that, by providing our school community with long-range vision, we are serving to create student experiences that are relevant and rigorous. Free to explore God’s world, His wisdom and truths, and His will and purpose for our students, Dallas Christian School is imagining the next fifty years of partnering with families and churches to continue to impact our world for Jesus.
2020 Vision
 “By 2020, DC will have significantly advanced its mission by expanding the spiritual impact and leadership qualities of its students, increasing academic excellence, fostering an even greater sense of community, and effectively stewarding existing and new resources to support this vision.”

Strategic Plan Pillars
  1. Expand the spiritual impact DC has on its students, and produce 21st century leaders who think and act critically, globally and missionally in Christ
  2. Invest in rigorous and relevant academic offerings and alternative programs to achieve the desired profile of a DC graduate
  3. Enhance student opportunities for extra-curricular activities, service projects, and leadership development
  4. Expand the DC experience to more families in a way that is reflective of the kingdom of God
  5. Further foster the DC Spirit and feeling of community
  6. Recruit and retain Christian educators who are equipped and committed to prepare students for college and career success, a sustaining relationship with Jesus, and lifelong scholarship and learning
  7. Effectively steward existing and new resources to support the 2020 vision and strategic plan objectives and to provide for a stable and growing future